BBEsthetic reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry procedures applied in our polyclinic are based on biocompatibility, functional durability and paramount esthetics of the applied materials. (3M, GC, DENSPLY)

BBDental treatment

Only quality and complete filling of the root canal is a warranty of successful treatment of the tooth. Machine processing of the root canal, adequate preparations applied in the course of processing (SEPTODONT) and monitoring of the condition using digital radiography enable us absolute success of treatment.


Our polyclinic is capable to offer you optimal, case-specific, prosthetic reconstruction both from the esthetic and functional points of view. The former includes making of all types of removable prosthetic restorations ( IVOCLAR ) as well as fixed metal ceramic (VITA , NORITAKE) and all ceramic crowns, bridges and combinations of fixed and removable prosthetic restorations.

BBTreatment of gingival diseases

Current lifestyles and diet have lead to significant increase of gingival diseases that may cause destruction of jawbone and tooth loss. Depending on the stage of the disease, conservative treatment as well as removal of soft plaques, ultrasound removal of dental tartar, tooth sanding and polishing, and in more severe cases, surgical treatment of the gums and artificial bone grafting (BIO-OSS , BIO-GIDE) may be applied.

BBOral surgery

The polyclinic team performs all oral surgical interventions, such as surgical treatment of dental granuloma, jaw cysts, surgical extractions, preprosthetic surgical treatment of the soft tissues as well as surgical treatment of the sinuses. Appropriate postoperative treatment enables rapid and safe recovery of the patients.


Insertion of implants (STRAUMANN , BIOHORIZONS) in the jawbone at the missing teeth sites enables fixed prosthetic rehabilitation. Application of the most up-to-date scientific and technical achievements during planning and insertion enables high success rate as well as ultimate esthetics and functionality of the crowns and bridges on the abutments.

BBJaw orthopedics

Careful planning of treatment, making of removable and fixed apparatuses (DENTAURUM) and follow-up of patients in certain time intervals enable correction of teeth positions and interjaw irregularities both in children and adult patients.

BBPediatric and preventive dentistry

The particular attention is paid to work with children, which includes their reassurance and absolutely painless procedures and motivation of children for correct maintenance of teeth and mouth hygiene.

How to care for your teeth


  • 01 Brush your teeth regularly
  • 02 Floss your teeth
  • 03 Use a tongue scraper
  • 04 Use mouthwash
  • 05 Choose your foods wisely