Digital radiovisiographyDigital radiovisiography

Image sensor (KODAK) replacing classical x-ray film, which enables instant acquisition of the picture on the monitor, assuring, owing to its size and clarity, exact diagnosis and control of the therapeutic procedures.

Intraoral CameraIntraoral camera

Specially dedicated camera with high magnification and resolution enabling with its picture on the monitor insight into the condition of oral cavity and teeth as well as the course of the therapeutical procedure for both patient and the therapist.

Diagnostic LaserDiagnostic laser

Dental laser (KAVO) of the last generation, indispensable in diagnosis of all dental tissue defects.


How to care for your teeth


  • 01 Brush your teeth regularly
  • 02 Floss your teeth
  • 03 Use a tongue scraper
  • 04 Use mouthwash
  • 05 Choose your foods wisely